Heating Oil: Safe and Clean Way to Keep Warm

Keeping your family warm is not only important for their comfort, but for their health as well. The use of home heating oil instead of gas is the best way to go in order to keep your family safe and warm. It is also important to keep your family’s budget in mind when it comes to energy costs. Rising energy costs are not just limited to oil, but there are many reasons why most American homes and families use heating oil over gas to keep comfortable. Resist the impulse to convert to other fuel sources and check out these facts:

Gas is Costly!
A total natural gas heating conversion could run as high as $11,000 or more with high-efficiency equipment. Heating your home with heating oil is likely to save your family over thousands of dollars in just one year. The Consumer Energy Council of America calls conversion an “expensive gamble” and recommends that homeowners upgrade their oil equipment to achieve conservation, rather than conversion. Conversion is more expensive than upgrading, with a low likelihood of meaningful savings.

Heating Oil Means Value
Heating oil prices are currently at their lowest level, and are expected to continue to drop. In January 2016, the US Energy Information Administration predicts heating oil prices will remain low for at least the next few years.Even with rising energy prices, the cost of heating oil has traditionally been cheaper in 5 out of the past 7 years. Heating oil, like other forms of energy, is a commodity traded on the open market, so you can expect ups and downs in its price. However, competition among thousands of oil heating companies plays a role in ensuring great value and service, which you can always count on us to deliver.

Stay Warm, and Keep it Green
Oil heat burns 95% cleaner now than in 1970 and the latest ultra-low sulfur products and biofuels, continue to make it even cleaner and greener. Residential heating oil equipment is environmentally-friendly and barely creates emissions. New oil heat systems don’t create soot, dirt or odors in the home when properly maintained. Oil creates 140,000 BTUs of heat per gallon while a gallon equivalent of Natural Gas produces 100,000 BTUs. Approximately 40% more natural gas needs to burn to receive the same heating equivalent as oil.

Save On Energy
Oil equipment is 16% more efficient on average than gas equipment. New systems boast energy-efficiency ratings from 83%-94%, which is also excellent for the environment. In fact, Oil heating systems today use 25% less fuel than they did 20 years ago. The hot water recovery rate of an oil-fired water heater is twice as fast as a gas water heater and three times as fast as an electric water heater. And, oil heat provides more efficient residential warmth than gas. Making the switch to cash heating oil for your home is the best way to go in order to save on the environment’s energy.

Safety First
You will never hear anyone worrying about a “home heating oil leak” because inhalation of oil fumes is not fatal. Gas, however is known as “the silent killer”, and is the leading cause of death from carbon monoxide poisoning in the U.S. Also, oil is not explosive and only ignites within the combustion chamber of an oil-burner or furnace. Plus, oil will not burn in a liquid state.
Oil system malfunctions produce clear warning signs before releasing carbon monoxide.

When you add up all the factors, it is undoubtable that the best choice for warmth, reliability, energy efficiency, safety and value is oil heat. If you would like to make the switch, call our team today!